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Abortion Funding

City Council + Mayor

Some City Councils, especially in larger municipalities, divert scarce taxpayer dollars towards organizations that counsel women to abort their children. These organizations refer pregnant women to local abortuaries where appointments can be made to have an abortionist kill their unborn child.

This is a way in which some City Councils force their constituents to indirectly pay for the murder of pre-born children.

For example, in the 2022/2023 budget year, Toronto City Council, through the municipality's Toronto Public Health agency, will funnel $2,691,305 of taxpayer money to various "sexual health clinics", including one called the Birth Control & VD Centre, which was a founding member of the Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics. Another whopping $914,108 has been awarded for "sexual health services", benefitting, amongst others, Planned Parenthood Toronto, an organization that counsels women to kill their preborn children and gives abortion referrals.

By electing a pro-life Mayor and pro-life Councillors, a motion could be moved to cut funding to organizations that contribute to the murder of children in the womb, or otherwise, to re-direct that funding to underserved areas of legitimate need, such as palliative care, assisted living or pro-life crisis pregnancy centres.

In municipalities where no such funding has ever been awarded, electing a pro-life Council and Mayor will ensure they can block any such funding proposals that may come forward in the future.

Parental Rights

School Trustees

Ontario’s public secular schools, and even its Catholic schools, are subjecting children in Kindergarten to Grade 12 to highly-sexualized, age-inappropriate sex ed curriculums, and a hyper-sexualized school environment.

Early age sex lessons, which include constant bombardment with homosexual and transgender ideology, can launch children into premature sexual experimentation, gender identity confusion, puberty blockers and transitioning, anxiety, and many other harms that parents don’t want for their children.

LGBT ideology is woven throughout the school environment, in every grade and subject, even outside of the official sex curriculum.

Health and sexuality education often presents abortion as a positive thing to students and something to consider should they ever be faced with a pregnancy. Children are sometimes encouraged to carry around contraception in the event they decide to become sexually active, thus nudging them towards premature sexual experimentation.

This permissive, secular approach to sexual experimentation often conflicts with the values and religious beliefs that parents try to instill in their children at home, making what’s taught and/or promoted in school a serious parental rights issue. In many cases, schools keep secret from parents what their children are being taught, with no advance notice whatsoever. Some schools even keep it secret from their parents as they counsel children to "transition" to the opposite sex .

On October 24th we must elect pro-life, pro-family school trustees in every school district so they will listen to the concerns of traditionally-principled families, and enact policies to protect the right of parents to know what their children are being taught, and their religious beliefs respected.

Vaccine Mandates

City Council + Regional Council + School Trustees

All four of the COVID injections currently available in Canada are abortion-tainted. They were produced and/or tested from cell lines derived from children who were murdered by abortion. For that reason, many pro-life Canadians have a grave moral objection to taking the abortion-tainted COVID jabs. Being forced to do so represents a serious violation of their consciences. These are areas which City Councillors and School Board Trustees control, within their respective jurisdictions.

Since 2020 when governments rolled out the COVID injections, cities, towns and townships across Ontario made it mandatory to have a COVID jab in order to enter hockey arenas and other municipal facilities. They even went so far as to require children aged 12 and older to be injected in order to participate in minor hockey, thus depriving them of physical fitness, socialization, and the joy of sports. Many families who had conscientious objections to the abortion-tainted jabs were thereby discriminated against by being barred entry to municipal arenas.

Some school boards have placed teachers on unpaid leave for refusing to disclose their private medical information regarding COVID jab status. And now that Health Canada has foolishly approved the COVID injections for babies and toddlers from 6 months to 11 years (which are still technically experimental, in clinical trial phase, and without longterm safety data), the pro-COVID tyranny mainstream media will likely soon begin a propaganda campaign about the "urgent need to make COVID shots mandatory for students K-12", in order to pressure school boards and the provincial government to do so. This would be a devastating anti-life move, forcing every family with school-aged children to violate their consciences, even if they believe that taking abortion-tainted products is immoral. School trustees can push back against these efforts by voting not to make it mandatory, and by lobbying the provincial government.


City Council + Mayor

A dangerous trend is growing in municipal politics whereby City Councils are censoring peaceful pro-life expression in many different ways.

In 2022, London City Councilors passed a bylaw banning the delivery of abortion victim photography, unless it is inside a fully enclosed envelope with a warning label. This unconstitutional bylaw makes it difficult for pro-lifer to exercise freedom of expression, and to educate Canadians about the truth of abortion. Pro-life advocates, like any free Canadian, has always had the constitutional right to share their informations as part of their free speech rights. Toronto City Council is in the process of developing a similar bylaw.

In another alarming example of censorship at the municipal level, the City of Calgary recently implemented anti-free speech bubble zones around every single school in the city. The goal was to prevent pro-lifers from being able to peacefully display pro-life signage or messages of any type, within 150 metres of any school in Calgary. Previously, pro-lifers had been able to peacefully educate students about the humanity of the unborn child, and the injustice of abortion, on taxpayer-owned public sidewalks outside schools.

This type of censorship is totalitarian and unconstitutional. We must elect Municipal Councillors and Mayors in Ontario who oppose this type of assault on free speech, and who will block any motion to imitate such bylaws.

LGBT Pride Flag

City Council + Mayor + School Trustees

Gay Pride flags – a symbol of grave sin to many people of faith – are being flown over children’s heads throughout the month of June in public and Catholic schools across Ontario.

Principled school trustees who respect the religious beliefs of parents, and their right to not have their children in indoctrinated with immoral ideologies by the state, can present a motion to be more respectful and inclusive of all worldviews by stopping the practice of flying this controversial symbol of homosexual political power. Alternately, they could introduce a motion to fly only the Canadian and Ontario flags on school property throughout the district.

Catholic school boards have even more options. Trustees in whose boards the homosexual Pride flag is being flown throughout the month of June, could pass a motion to replace Gay Pride Month with celebrating the Sacred Heart of Jesus throughout the month of June, a tradition that the Church asks Catholics to follow, and which would be most fitting for all Catholic schools. A fitting "Sacred Heart of Jesus flag" could easily be designed for standardized use in all Catholic schools across Ontario.

An ever-growing number of City Councils, spreading now to smaller towns and villages, have also been caving to the LGBT lobby and agreeing to fly the homosexual Pride Flag over the people's town hall. This is so incredibly disrespectful and exclusionary to the many residents of that village, town, township or city who believe in the biblical view of marriage and human sexuality. Is Council not supposed to represent them as well, whether they are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh or from any other community that adheres to deeply-held religious beliefs about marriage and family? This sort of ideologically-driven, identity politics favoritism by Councilors and Mayors needs to end. Respect all your citizens, not just some.

LGBT Crosswalks

City Council + Mayor + School Trustees

More and more municipal Councils are passing resolutions to divert scarce taxpayer money towards the installation of homosexualitythemed crosswalks, at a cost of approximately $15,000 each. 

These symbols of homosexual political power are the opposite of inclusive, because they are highly offensive to people of faith who cannot avoid the in-your-face “rainbow crosswalks” nor shield their children from them.

We need to elect City Councillors who will oppose any motion to spend public money on these politically-motivated, controversial and exclusionary crosswalks.

Even worse, this homosexuality-themed crosswalk phenomenon has begun spreading into public schools. Since June 2022, we began to receive reports of high schools painting gay cross walks in the front lobby of the school. How does that make a devout Christian, Muslim or Jewish student feel, for example, if they are forced to walk across an ideological/political symbol that so directly attacks their deeply-held religious convictions? Is it not a form of bullying? Good trustees should put an end to this with a policy against having these divisive LGBT crosswalks in school lobbies.

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